A Lightning Fast Word Guessing Game!

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An award winning lightning fast word guessing game for 2 players 7 years and older. 

Who will find the word the fastest? The dice shows you the colour and the alphabet. Whoever guesses the word correctly first gets the point!







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Benefits of an Enhanced Vocabulary

Learning a new language is well-known to improve cognitive ability, but what about expanding vocabulary in your own native language?


Many of us fall out of the habit of learning new words and we don’t always actively seek out new words to improve our range of vocabulary. With kids the problem is grossly exaggerated, what with the use of Emojis, Emoticons and short forms like LOL!


Spin A Yarn India partnered with leading Educational Institutions around the world and a recent study showed the impact that learning new vocabulary has on different areas of the brain.


"A correlation between vocabulary, intelligence and real-world ability has been found to exist from a very early age right through to young adulthood. It primarily stretches our working memory as well as our ability to communicate more efficiently with the world around us, subtly opening up our perspectives and ways of communication." 

Working on this research, Spin A Yarn India, has launched Indias' first Indigenous Language Game!



Everybody Loves - Guess the Word!

“This is the easiest and fastest, not to mention the fun'nest way to learn new vocabulary! Me and my friends play it all the time and have a great time while we learn new words.”

Maya, 9 year old


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(Best Game 2020)

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(Best Learning Tool 2020)

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Get Early Access Today!

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